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Ok so I'm a mom of three, and may be considered a bit older than some of the average. I'm taking tips from my 14 year old son, and recently started my own baby bottle company, out of necessity, and I work full time in aerospace! As I'm introducing my product to the market I hear there is something very similar out there already. I look up the name and its true, the bottle looks the same except for the fact that I know I've worked with the manufacturer back and forth on the nipple details because the original nipple on the bottle wasn’t quite acceptable to my son.

In fact i was so determined to have something that worked specifically for my son, I agreed that ordering in mass quantities would help others, including my son, and that I wanted all babies to have a luxurious feeding experience. Somewhat like what I have when I take my first bite of crab legs, and I'm overjoyed with excitement of freshness, well maybe not that fresh since I live in OKC. So maybe the first bite of a heath bar mix from Braum’s. Totally an Oklahoma thing to go to Braum’s for ice cream, and a roll your eyes kind of day when the family gets some but doesn’t bring you any, because they thought you weren’t home!

ANYWAY. I decided know that my baby bottle is something different and it was designed for Myles and other babies like him who refuse a bottle, because I have been there done that with the baby refusal. Try to negotiate, beg or plead with a baby, it frankly doesn’t matter what you do when they put their foot down. So we have a new baby bottle, now available in 5 colors because I refuse to be like anyone else. Especially not the exact same look, but different lux ours feel, so we have our own dignified, luxurious and stylish colors to accommodate our lux nipples, which are the best thing since mom's bosom, because my baby would accept nothing else!

 My booby baby Myles.

My booby baby Myles.

We are now launching something new for older babies as well and I’ll be looking to engage you as we expand our offerings. But I am starting the blog because I realize that each pregnancy was so different and I breastfed each baby. I read like I knew nothing each time, and wanted to know all the details...taking no one’s word for it but reading myself. So I am going to start sharing some of the most important details of breastfeeding that I found out or read.

I’m no expert, so for the most part it’s not all original, but is the information that I found to be the most accurate and made me feel the most confident in breastfeeding. In addition I'd like to invite to join me in providing your breastfeeding hacks! Something that makes it easier for you, like cutting holes in a sports bra, or something more original about feeling confident when you breastfeed in public. Please submit to me at to be featured and include photos where possible so we can share on Instagram and all social media.

With that being said feel free repost and share as much as you want because I believe we should all help one another. In the meantime I will share my “two cents”!


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