LUX Baby Bottle

Best Thing Since Mom's Bosom

Features Overview

The features of the LUX bottle are detailed to provide you with the information often requested by parents and caregivers as they make the very important decision on what bottle to buy.  In an effort to save customers valuable time and money we are detailing why our bottle is superior and help you to make the decision to buy LUX bottles over any other. We all want to give our babies the very best.

8 oz silicone baby bottle and lid used to feed babies and infants formula or breastmilk

Bottle similates Letdown

Babies readily accept bottle based on the similarities and mimic of breastmilk let-down and flow making transitions easier.

Silicone baby bottle, lid, and cap. 8 oz. Shows bottle upside down with a close up of the silicone for skin like softness.

Soft as Skin

Babies can enjoy the smooth texture and comfort of the bottle close to their skin. The bottle is unbreakable, pliable and easy to clean.

Anti Gas/Colic

Any baby who is gassy, has colic or reflux can benefit from some relief. This bottle is designed to reduce gas, colic, and reflux/silent reflux.

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